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Building the Infrastructure of A Digital-First Economy

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Tue, 08/09/2022 - 11:20

 Q: How has the intersection of a rising data economy, cybersecurity urgency and edge computing influenced Vertiv’s commercial proposition in Mexico?

A: While the demand for infrastructure development had been steadily growing alongside the growing popularity of e-commerce business models, the rise of the digital-first economy resulting from the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic was a major catalyst. This accelerated transition drastically increased data interaction, processing and storage capacity needed by companies. As one of the main developers of these infrastructures, we are helping our clients across industries build up their capabilities to keep up with growing end-user demand. 

For Vertiv, the demand has been so acute that we decided to invest in a 500,000ft2 thermal lab facility in Monterrey, Nuevo. This is part of a larger initiative meant to increase our productive capacity to support the growth of our clients and the overall industry. 


Q: How do Vertiv’s services result in cost savings and why should companies and individuals adopt these solutions?

A: Combined, Vertiv’s products and services translate into time and cost savings for our clients on three fronts: short wait period before Return On Investment, energy efficiency and scalability. Altogether, our holistic solution allows our clients to focus on their core business in a rapidly evolving digital economy. At the same time, Vertiv has invested significantly in staying on top of digital innovation so we can pass on these capabilities and savings to our clients. This investment has allowed us to furnish our clients with factory-integrated systems that include power and thermal systems. 


Q: How does Vertiv help companies to circumvent the risks created by an accelerated digital transformation?

A: While the accelerated digital transformation enabled innovation and improved digital access to communities, it also changed the ecosystem. There is more data and as it moves closer to end users it has created an urgent need for servers, supporting infrastructure and network edge. Data centers have been burdened with costs related to this growth including: investment in edge infrastructure, energy costs to run the data centers and ongoing maintenance costs.

Vertiv addresses these challenges by providing a broad portfolio of solutions for edge applications, making for fast and easy deployment, which is important for edge sites that are repeated in multiple locations. Our power and cooling solutions are designed for high energy efficiency meant to lower operating costs, thereby reducing the budget impact that comes with increased compute. Our monitoring and control solutions enable the remote management of the infrastructure, requiring less onsite interaction from the customers’ IT teams. Furthermore, we have local and remote service options that keep the equipment operating reliably, reducing the chance of downtime due to infrastructure issues.


Q: How is Vertiv participating in the rollout of Mexico’s 5G network?

A: We are developing the digital infrastructure needed by our regional partners to accelerate the expansion and coverage of their 5G networks. In contrast to 4G, the significant challenge of this new network rollout is the number of antennas and data centers needed to support the exponentially higher speed of data exchange. As such, 5G will also increase network use and  reliance on IT systems, a charge that demands a robust digital infrastructure. Vertiv’s role in Mexico’s 5G rollout is sustaining the level of infrastructure growth required to sustain the introduction of this new technology, and provide our telecom and data center customers with services needed to efficiently support this growth.


Q: What objectives does Vertiv have for 2022 and how does it plan to consolidate its market presence in Mexico?

A: Vertiv already has a strong presence in Mexico, with manufacturing campuses in Reynosa, Mexicali, Tijuana and most recently Monterrey. The central objective for the remainder of the year is augmenting our productive capacity to meet domestic demand. Part of this initiative involves the greater integration of processes in Mexico. 

This is in parallel to the inauguration of an advanced R&D thermal laboratory and a manufacturing facility in Monterrey. We are also building a new service and support center for clients to provide better service in the country and region. 



Vertiv offers hardware, software, analytics and ongoing services that allow its customers’ applications to run continuously, perform optimally and grow according to their business needs.

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