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Customer Service Overlooked in Digital Transformation

Hugo Freytes - Salesforce
Country Manager México


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 09/13/2022 - 13:10

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Q: How would you define customer success and how does Salesforce facilitate it?

A: Our main focus has always been to help customers get closer to their clients, improving the way they interact with them. We have always provided a full cloud offering with a 360 vision of the way customers interact through the platform. The Salesforce platform is based on a cloud network, allowing basically any type of company, independent of size, to access this kind of service.


We provide technology tools to help our clients better understand their customer’s tastes. One of the best characteristics of digitalization is the possibility to gather all information about every single customer and use it to adapt their commercial offer, promotions and services.


Q: What is the key to the platform’s success?

A: We focus on providing an amazing customer experience — we have noted that 93 percent of Mexican customers value the experience as much as the product or service. Our services are based on trust. Salesforce allows companies to understand their customers and to use their omnichannel strategies to improve their services, allowing them to improve their relationships with clients. 


Q: How does the personalization of customer experience on a customer data platform lead to better retention and attraction of customers?

A: Through specially designed campaigns, maximizing every interaction with clients is possible. Our tools help companies provide personalized attention, helping their clients feel that there is a real interest in their needs and helping our customers close sales.


The omnichannel experience has also helped us to generate customer flow and retention, especially because this tool facilitates the flow of information between the buyer and seller. AI services can also benefit from this information, allowing companies to offer better products and services based on the buying patterns of their consumers.


Q: In the era of digitization, how is Salesforce maintaining the human factor in sales?

A: There is always a human behind the scenes. While the way people work has changed due to the automatization of many tasks, companies are still managing teams and coming up with products, marketing campaigns and designing things for humans. Clients demand a human touch in the products they buy and, at the end of the day, these products are designed to improve people's everyday experience.


Q: How is Salesforce promoting SMEs in Mexico?

A: SMEs provide a high value for the Mexican economy and we target this large market in line with two very important pillars: equality and sustainability. This has led us to work closely with Mexican companies to address the SME market.


Q: How has the purchase of Slack changed the direction of Salesforce?

A: We bought Slack about a year and a half ago. It is basically a virtual headquarters, which helped the company grow, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many were unable to work together and share the same physical space. Slack allows companies to stay connected even if their teams are on opposite sides of the globe. Managing a company virtually is an innovative solution that has helped us to approach different markets in Latin America and Mexico.


Our biggest challenge in the market is to reach big corporations with Slack. We have seen that SMEs, universities and even technology startups communicate efficiently through this app, but we are still trying to reach larger and even multinational companies. 


Q: In what way does Salesforce plan to continue innovating within its sector and what are the new objectives it has set itself?

A: There is a strong demand for professionals who understand and can work in the digital transformation, which is a large opportunity for Mexico. This is where the Salesforce ecosystem comes into play because our product and service can help every type of business. New job fields that require our software emerge every year, so I am eager to see how we can keep evolving as a company while maintaining our high-quality customer service.  


Salesforce brings companies and customers together through its CRM platform that can be used to improve marketing, sales, customer service and IT, among other business areas.

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