Alion ARC Tracker

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:29

In an industry as competitive as PV power production, the need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness has become more relevant than ever. Alion’s ARC Tracker is a powerful tool for ensuring the maximum availability of a solar resource for power production.

The ARC Tracker is a ballasted single-axis tracker with undulating slope capability, ensuring resistance and making it ideal for high-wind zones, which are a frequent feature of Mexico’s geography. The ARC Tracker also allows wind analysis by CPP, guaranteeing wind resources are not a problem for this PV solution. The system allows for a 50 percent panel increase per drive, compared to that allowed by typical torque tube systems, thus increasing the power production capacity of each PV farm and ensuring maximum efficiency from the installation and operation of the project where it is employed. The system’s unique design encompassing Arc Drive load reduction eliminates the need to employ large torque tubes, making it a more flexible option than others available in the market. The design of the ARC Tracker also allows a more distributed profile and low bearing pressure, decreasing long-term ground settlement risk, making it the most trustworthy tracker in the market and ensuring its longevity. Alion is so confident in the durability of this solution that the company offers a 30-year warranty, a considerable length of time especially considering the changing conditions of Mexico’s geography. The ARC Tracker is an ideal solution for rocky, hard, dusty and other challenging environments.

In addition to the ARC Tracker’s unique design, another main advantage is its capability for fully automated cleaning using the company’s SPOT maintenance robots. This solution has a track fitted for a SPOT cleaning device. SPOT is the first cost-effective robotic cleaning solution for PV panels that improves performance. This cleaning solution is programmable and can be operated from a computer, tablet or smart phone, making it completely accessible.

The primary components of the ARC Tracker are a continuous, jointed concrete track that supports the unique A-Frame structure and Arc Drive, purlins, drive shaft and flexible coupling joining tables. Most of the parts are pre-assembled, thus reducing field labor to the point where they can be installed by a two-person team.