María Martínez

Market's Opening is Best Time for Efficiency

Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:21

The Energy Transition Law is the beat companies must follow for energy efficiency but even the strongest regulatory framework cannot achieve great things if the main stakeholders are unfamiliar with its key points. Middlemen working to decipher the regulations for customers are becoming more important than ever now that energy is no longer the exclusive domain of one stateowned company

“The energy industry is opaque to the end user,” says María Martínez, CEO of Sinérgica, a specialized engineering house with a focus on energy efficiency. “Few customers can really understand how their monthly bill is composed, which at the end of the day is what matters most to them. Sinérgica helps its clients identify the real behavior behind their bill and how to target key variables to reduce the payment.”

Even if customers understand the nature of the billing process, usually they do not have a true sense of exactly how their own energy consumption is allocated. Sinérgica implements a trademarked technology to properly monitor energy consumption across all uses and to optimize performance. A client can then identify how much it is overspending on energy and how to reduce this payment. “An international protocol — administered by a third independent party — certifies the effective reduction in energy consumption, thereby increasing transparency to the end user and helping them obtain carbon footprint certifications,” Martínez adds.

Besides the traditional advantages of implementing energy-efficiency measures, mainly a reduction in electricity costs, Martínez sees a great opportunity for companies like hers to establish relationships with businesses willing to move to the new regulatory framework. “Potential off-takers are analyzing the new possibilities cautiously and are being patient to see how the market evolves before making any rushed decisions. In this environment we consider ourselves to be a great partner for both suppliers and consumers.” Martínez says companies with high energy consumption can use services like those offered at Sinérgica to optimize their usage and select the best electricity supply option. “We can also help suppliers create long-lasting relationships with potential off-takers by offering a joint solution to decrease their energy expenses.”

Performing energy-efficiency studies before establishing an electricity purchasing agreement diminishes the contractual risks for both sides, the supplier and the offtaker, because it avoids unexpected decreases in demand resulting from the revamping of older facilities or installing efficient devices. “This is a great moment for companies to invest in energy efficiency,” Martínez adds.

Sinérgica is prepared to serve energy consumers of different kinds due to its specialized engineering team that helps the company offer its clients savings of up to 45 percent of their annual energy expenses. “We have an international team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which sets us apart from other companies in this relatively new industry in the country. Sinérgica’s technical team comprises a group of professionals with experience in different European countries that have already been through the initial learning curve of energy efficiency,” she says.

In a nascent market, there are always pitfalls to avoid and Martínez warns that companies need to be aware of the goods being sold. “In this sector, there are several nonspecialized electricians and plumbers who call themselves experts in energy efficiency. This is seldom the case. Customers should focus on firms that have specialized engineers with a proven track record and appropriate certifications. We believe our core competitive advantage to be our proprietary technology and highly specialized human capital.”

Martínez adds that energy interest is high in the wake of the country's Reform. “The Energy Reform has opened a window of opportunity for us because it has raised the interest of companies in energy topics including efficiency and we want to take advantage of this boom.”