Victor Silva
Director General
Grupo ProSidsa
View from the Top

Moving in Line with Client Needs

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 16:48

Q: How has Grupo ProSidsa consolidated its current business portfolio for Mexico’s energy industry?

A: Grupo ProSidsa was founded in 2011. Since then, it has grown organically in the Mexican energy industry thanks to its fully client-centered service vision. We started by offering thermal energy solutions to final users with the Thermo Pro brand. As some of our clients needed to install sustainable public lighting, we created a company to fulfill that purpose called Luminarias ProSolar. Today, Luminarias ProSolar is one of the most well-known companies in the public lighting market. More clients subsequently approached us to build interconnection projects, which is how INTERCONEXIONES was created. Finally, to properly manage large volumes of supplies for all of our projects we decided to create EnergyMarket, a company dedicated to the wholesale of products.

Q: What new areas does Grupo ProSidsa want to branch into?

A: We are planning to start venturing into energy storage, a technology with a great deal of market potential and implementation in Mexico. This is not the first time we will enter into an innovative area. With Thermo Pro we were one of the first companies to introduce hybrid heaters, powered by the sun and electricity, into the Mexican market. This technology allowed our customers to be completely sure that hot water would be available at all times, no matter what. We are also working closely with a manufacturer to design and introduce new products and services to the Mexican market. We do not want to simply commercialize products but to be innovative players in the industry. Our lean organization allows us to provide innovate and integral solutions rapidly to our clients.

Q: How does Grupo ProSidsa offer fully-fledged energy solutions to its clients?

A: Grupo ProSidsa is a project integrator that provides turnkey projects with the best interests of its clients in mind. We deliver our solutions related to energy projects through our qualified personnel. Our lean structure allows us to deliver on-time and economically attractive solutions. We have landed highly-complex projects by collaborating with strong partners. For example, we worked on the installation of streetlights for the fourth section of Chapultepec Park and provided maintenance for the public lighting on the second floor of the Periferico overpass. We also collaborated with IPN on a project for which we installed solar PV panels on its rooftops and interconnected the surplus power generated to the grid.
Q: How prepared is Mexican human capital to handle the development of renewable energy projects?

A: Our workers, all of them Mexican, are outstandingly eager to meet any challenge. Flexibility is required since a client can suddenly change certain requirements or the delivery date. Our staff knows that excellence in customer service is our philosophy and those are the kinds of people we need. I am fortunate to have an excellent team of mechanical, electrical and mechatronic engineers but most of them admit that they lack more practical knowledge. Some of our younger engineers have never seen a solar panel before, even when they studied a degree focused on renewable engineering. Nevertheless, all of them are eager to learn and overcome these obstacles quickly. One aspect that we have to work on as a country is to have human capital with English fluency because it is an extremely necessary language today.
Q: Why does Grupo ProSidsa work on social projects?

A: We are socially committed to the development of the country. We have worked on projects where our profit margins are almost zero to install solar PV panels in communities where there is no access to the main grid nor additional power sources. We have installed over 1,500 micro systems to brighten the life of the people. Ultimately, although these projects are not carried out for profits, the gratitude of the people in these communities is enough to keep working on them.