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Using Data to Maximize the Value of Energy Assets

Miquel Yafari - Prediktor
Sales and Business Development Director for the Mediterranean and Latam


Perla Velasco By Perla Velasco | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 03/30/2023 - 10:43

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Q: What solutions and value does Prediktor offer to its clients in the energy sector?

A: Prediktor is a Norwegian company founded in 1995 to respond to the challenges and needs of the energy sector via transversal digital systems that allow incompatible data sources to communicate within an established context. Prediktor has recently been acquired by TGS, a key global provider of energy data and applied intelligence. With more than 2,000 installations worldwide, Prediktor TGS has become a key player in the sector and a leading provider of real-time data and asset management software solutions for owners, developers and operators of renewable energy assets.

We have decades of experience in industrial digitalization and renewable energy to provide our clients with operations based on usable, understandable information. This data comes from an optimal data refinery, which helps users optimize their asset portfolios, both from the operational aspect and from the economic profitability. 

We develop high-level automated decision support systems for portfolio management for clients around the world. With our expertise in forecasting models and detailed analysis, we deliver future-proof solutions without vendor lock-in and strict adherence to best digital practices. Prediktor has two different lines of business: information modeling, from the collection, cleaning, refining, consolidation and contextualization of data in asset management, and asset management with centralized asset management platforms for operations on any scale.

Q: What impact do Prediktor and its data have on the operations of clients?

A: Prediktor TGS’s expertise in working with data is widely recognized by customers. We develop high-level automated decision support systems across the asset management workflow, so our users can have different profiles. This includes asset managers, O&M managers, data analysts, report analysts and asset owners, all of whom agree that Prediktor’s solutions make their lives easier. Our users go from wasting time while cleaning and understanding data to effectively investing it in making operational decisions, based on detailed and accurate information provided by our solutions.

At its most basic form, data is simply a collection of different information translated into a form that computers can process, that is why value must be added to transform them into usable information for correct decision making . Data is effectively changing the world we live in and the way we work. The effective collection and analysis of data allow clients to direct scarce resources where they are most needed. In this sense, our solution enables a remarkably high performance for energy assets with highly scalable, flexible and configurable online systems.

Q: How does Prediktor support energy companies to make better decisions through this actionable and clear data? 

A: Our customers are working hard to move quickly toward a necessary energy transition by accelerating the growth of their portfolios and implementing technologies to make them more efficient and more profitable, scaling their operations at the lowest possible cost. One upcoming challenge for the sector is the lack of properly prepared talent for the efficient management of growing power portfolios. We must guide this talent via the integration of new technologies.

To make sound decisions, we must develop and implement effective asset-centric and information-based systems. We collect data following many different standards, from any data source available. Prediktor TGS’s software, which is a high-performance database and acquisition platform, can filter, validate and refine that data. It then transforms it into high-quality, usable information for correct decision-making. We establish mechanisms to guarantee a high availability of data. . All of this is done using high cybersecurity standards. Our systems are flexible and easily scalable, with a low cost of development and implementation of new technologies.

Q: What are the benefits of Prediktor’s PowerView solution?

A: PowerView helps clients to make the best decision to increase operational performance and improve income through increase production, reduce loses and operational costs . A deep and detailed analysis of the data, properly collected and contextualized, helps to make efficient decisions. The correct management of renewable energy assets with technological support is key to reducing operating costs in the short, medium and long term. We are talking about assets that are expected to have a useful life of 30 to 35 years, so having supporting tools that help impact this OPEX is key. Companies can easily get 5 to 10 percent more yearly revenue out of their assets through an investment of merely 2 percent of the annual operating budget.

Q: How do you help clients see these kinds of solutions as investments?

A: In a B2B environment, the pricing structure is flexible and depends on who the customer is and what they need to get out of it. Prediktor TGS sells solutions adapted to the real needs of its clients. Before closing a price, we uncover the real problem and determine how to solve it. Consequently, we design a truly accurate solution. We must also invest the necessary time so that the client understands our value proposition. Investing in an automated system like Prediktor's PowerView helps optimize portfolios at a relatively low cost, so part of our goal is to demonstrate to clients how little they spend compared to the benefits they are about to reap.

Q: What is next for Mexico’s energy sector and how can the company support this development?

A: After accelerated growth and a drastic slowdown in Mexico, the renewable power sector has a great desire to relaunch. Developing assets in 0.1 percent of the territory could satisfy  Mexican demand totaling 328TWh but policy has to support this mission. Mexico must connect 30GW to the grid by 2030 if it is to meet its clean energy goals committed. As part of TGS, our objective is to be a leader in the development of the implementation of automated renewable portfolio management systems covering the entire value chain of a renewable asset. These systems help boost operational excellence to the next level and are a cost-effective asset to a company’s portfolio.


Prediktor is an asset management and real-time data management solutions provider for renewable and traditional energy asset owners.

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