Carlos Berzunza
Director General
View from the Top

Personal Care: The Final Frontier for Healthcare

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:15

Q: CANIPEC groups companies in the personal care and household products industries. What impact do these industries have on Mexico’s economy?

A: Companies represented by CANIPEC improve the quality of life of the people and generate a significant indirect effect on the Mexican economy. In the last two years, the personal care industry has grown by 7 percent, while the household products industry reached growth of approximately 5 percent between 2016 and 2017. Regarding foreign trade, both industries represent a trade surplus since last year we exported more than US$3.4 billion and we imported around US$2 billion. Also, the member countries of NAFTA, the Pacific Alliance, the countries of Central America and, to a lesser extent, those of MERCOSUR are our commercial partners.

Q: Which products managed by CANIPEC have grown the most and how does the chamber help to maintain this growth?

A: The personal care industry enjoyed considerable growth in skin and hair care, followed by odor modifiers. CANIPEC supports consumers through campaigns that provide advice on the selection and purchase of hair care products, which also encourages the use of other categories that improve their quality of life.

Q: What specific actions does CANIPEC take to support informed consumption and good business practices?

A: We have three programs to promote social responsibility and conscious consumption. CANIPEC has taken the initiative to provide scientific information and thus expose the myths and prejudices that exist about certain products. Beauty and Wellness, our first digital campaign, encourages informed consumption regarding personal care. Our second campaign is called Taking Care of Your Home. It provides information on the use, content and benefits of household products with the goal of improving the culture of reading product labels. The Cosmep Code, our third program, is a 14-principle code of self-regulation and advertising ethics designed to provide advertising advice to companies that collaborate with us.

CANIPEC believes advertising is a valuable communication and information tool for consumers and companies. For this reason, we provide assistance to companies on the use of endorsements, sustainability and environment, among other subjects. We want to change the behavior of consumers in Mexico so they choose the products that best improve their quality of life.

Q: How does CANIPEC work with regional and international mechanisms to promote export diversification?

A: We participate with the Council of the Cosmetics, Personal and Household Care Industry of Latin America (CASIC). In the framework of the Pacific Alliance, chambers of commerce, COFEPRIS, other regulatory authorities, CANIPEC and CASIC agreed to eliminate 92 percent of the technical obstacles for trading cosmetics. This protocol also includes a sectoral agreement that specifies better regulations for the cosmetics industry. The next step is to follow the same path for the home care industry. CANIPEC is in the process of presenting a written and joint statement to the representatives of the Pacific Alliance regarding the industry in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Q: How does CANIPEC help SMEs develop artisanal products? What services does the chamber offer?

A: We have developed a virtual library called CANITECA that contains information on the legal and regulatory framework of the personal and household care industries to support SMEs entering the market. This virtual library also has information on protocols, authorities, workshops, news and publications related to both industries. We provide companies with information about changes in regulations and workshops to help them manage these updates and then follow up on them. CANIPEC provides an integral service to guide companies through the regulatory and legal framework.