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Tech Tools in The Evolution of the Pharmacy Health Model

By Marcos Pascual Cruz - Asesoria en farmacias
Director General


Marcos Pascual By Marcos Pascual | Director General - Thu, 05/26/2022 - 11:00

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In April this year, COVID vaccines became available at pharmacy-adjacent doctor’s offices. Those people who need a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or the established booster shot, can go to the clinics attached to the pharmacy (CAF) where it will be available. In the first phase, the vaccines are only available through these establishments in the State of Mexico, free of charge and with an extremely short expiration date on the antigen it expires at the end of May.

It was the same federal and local authorities who determined that the exercise would begin in this entity with certain limitations. For example, not all pharmacies comply with the official notice or the health license to be able to handle toxoids, vaccines or blood products.

Secondly, not all pharmacies have a cold chain, which is essential to manage this toxoid.

"The short time of implementation and expiration of the antigen reduced the possibilities of displacement and application as it was intended in its initial approach," the authorities said.

The foregoing opens the door for us to be considered in the federal and local health strategies of our country, participating with our network of health professionals in the more than 18,000 offices attached to pharmacies throughout the national territory.

In addition to the coverage and medical services offered by our network, there is the development and interest in our organization through the specialized site AsesoriaenFarmacias.com to implement a “Health Prevention and Promotion Model” for all private pharmacies, regardless of segment or size, providing benefits in health administration, technology (web and mobile digital tools), telemedicine, electronic medical files, digital prescriptions, online medicine purchases, geolocation, diagnostics and treatment, among others.

And on the theme of "well-being," our model is based on a new emerging culture of healthy lifestyles, quality of sleep, degree of stress, level of physical activity and the care and maintenance of health.

Through medical video consultations (benefits of the digital era), pharmacies can cover "occupational medicine" in two ways:

Sensory and Situational Diagnostics: The client's needs are detected, a (current) situational diagnosis is made, generating a program and work plan based on the current situation of its operating model.

Occupational Health Agency: Diagnosis is made based on standard 048 and a tailored health regime is determined according to your needs. For this, regulatory elements, policies, laws and standards that apply to your production area are taken into account. (ISOS, NOMS, STPS, SSA, ETC)

Some of the advantages that companies obtain in the administration of their employees with this model can also be: development of a medical record system, procedural manuals, health program and plan, biological controls, health audits, risk work and confined areas.

Procedures for federal entities: IMSS, COFEPRIS, STPS, etc.

We would like to conclude with the invitation to all those pharmacies that seek to professionalize their office to come visit us at www.asesoriaenfarmacias.com and join the implementation of a cutting-edge health model in primary care.

Photo by:   Marcos Pascual Cruz

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