Rubén Benítez
Director General
Integra Consulting & Marine Services
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Security Certificate Consulting Niche Proves a Winner

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 18:04

Q: What are some issues you frequently encounter regarding the requirements for companies?

A: The security code is well established and companies often have all the resources to plan and carry out effective security plans. We really only encounter small issues during verification. Usually, companies are 90-95 percent compliant. This might be different for port facilities and land-based terminals because they are exposed to more land-based threats. While the sea is not without risk, it does have the advantage of creating a natural buffer. This makes facilities on land more liable to kidnappings, piracy and assaults, which we have encountered. As an RSO, we consider it an integral part of our work to help protect against any threats.

Q: What would you consider your primary development objectives for the year?

A: We are realistic and understand that the sector will never be exactly the same as it was before but we can say it is improving. The companies that are creating economic development by need a range of drilling units, vessels and supporting services. Our goal is to improve our recognition as a familiar name in the industry, while winning new contracts. We have a diverse and dedicated team, allowing us to provide services in technical areas surrounding port issues and drilling.


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