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Migrants found dead/Mexico to stop buying gasoline in 2023

By Karin Dilge | Wed, 06/29/2022 - 12:13

Truck with dead migrants found in San Antonio, Texas. The head of the National Institute of Migration (INM), Francisco Garduño, reported that two Mexican citizens identified as Juan Francisco “N” and Juan Claudio “N” have been charged in connection with the death of 51 migrants.  Latest reports indicate 16 remain hospitalized. The suspects were detained because the registered truck´s address matched their current addresses. Moreover, the driver of the truck identified as Homero “N” tried to pass as one of the survivors, nonetheless, he was discovered and was turned to the authorities.

The truck crossed two checkpoints at the border, the Customs Office and the US Border Control.

Garduño said that the INM has established communication with US immigration authorities and investigation agencies in order to work together and gather additional information. .

Mexico to stop buying gasoline in 2023. President López Obrador said that in 2023 Mexico will stop buying gas because production will be fulfilled with the refineries the country has acquired and repaired since the beginning of his administration.

In an effort to reach energy sovereignty, in addition to the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery and the acquisition of the Deer Park refinery in Texas, the López Obrador administration has earmarked MX$37 billion (US$1.85 billion) for the rehabilitation of Mexico’s other six operational refineries.

Since the beginning of his administration, López Obrador has allocated significant resources to oil infrastructure, in an attempt to "rescue" state oil company PEMEX. The president is pursuing a main goal: to achieve Mexico's energy self-sufficiency. "The purpose is to not buy gasoline abroad. The lesson is to achieve energy self-sufficiency and food self-sufficiency by producing what we consume in Mexico," said the president.

Meeting with President Biden. López Obrador informed that on July 12 he will be traveling to Washington to meet with President Joe Biden to subscribe to important agreements, mainly on immigration issues and to combat inflation. López Obrador expects the meeting to go well and said that one of the proposals will be to establish a plan to face inflation and how the two nations can work together to achieve that goal.

Daylight savings. The president mentioned that next week he will present his initiative to eliminate the daylight-saving time schedule to Congress. For the past few months, Mexican legislators have been discussing the elimination of the daylight saving time (DST) practice. The proposition has been backed mostly by MORENA, under the argument that the change affects people’s sleep and health. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently said that it is likely that his government will remove DST because “the savings are minimal and the damage to health is considerable.”

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