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MORENA’s presidential candidate/Basic Food Basket

By Karin Dilge | Mon, 08/29/2022 - 11:45

MORENA’s presidential candidate. President López Obrador assured he will not use the federal government´s finances to support the presidential candidate of his party in the next elections.  

AMLO recognized three possible presidential candidates for his party MORENA. He said he will support the candidate showing better results in the plebiscite where parties ask the electorate about the pre-candidate.

President López Obrador´s three possible candidates are: Secretary of State, Adán Augusto López Hernández, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard and Mexico City’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum. The president said they are honest people that have helped him during his term.

Basic Food Basket. The Federal Consumers’ Protection Office (PROFECO) reported that last week, Walmart was considered the most expensive supermarket to buy basic food basket products. Nonetheless, the PROFECO assured that the 24 products conforming the Package Against Inflation and Shortage (PACIC) keep showing price decreases.

PACIC has cost the government MX$574.62 billion (US$28.12 billion). The strategy has focused on a 100 percent subsidy to the Special Tax on Products and Services (STPS) on gasoline, which has cost the public treasury MX$430 billion (US$21 billion). The remaining MX$73 billion (US$3.57 billion) has been spent on residential electricity subsidies, MX$68.87 billion (US$3.37 billion) spent to control food costs and MX$2.75 billion (US$134.6 million) to freeze highway fees.

Gas stations avoid inspections. The Federal Consumers’ Protection Office (PROFECO) reported that during Aug. more than 30 gas stations did not allow the organization to carry out inspections on their establishments. Moreover, the entity received more than 274 complaints and performed 281 evaluations.

PROFECO specified that last week the most expensive gas stations of the country were Chevron, Redco and Oxxo Gas. In contrast, the most economic were Exxon Mobil, G500 and Orsan.

Ayotzinapa Case. President López Obrador reiterated that there will be no impunity for anyone involved in the Ayotzinapa case and said that the investigation continues. Regarding arrest warrants, López Obrador mentioned that they are being processed by the judges for the crimes of murder, disappearance and cover-up.  

In 2014, during president Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration, 43 students disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero and the government reported they were murdered by the United Warriors Cartel in Cocula. According to the past administration, it was the Iguala police who handed over the students to the criminal group. Nevertheless, since the reopening of the case, new findings incriminating Enrique Peña Nieto’s government are popping up. The Truth and Access to Justice Commission concluded that the event was a state crime in which authorities of all levels were involved, including the Army.

Back to School. President López Obrador started today’s morning conference by congratulating children, parents and teachers for the beginning of a new school year.

Minister of Education Delfina Gómez informed that today more than 24 million children and 9 million teachers are going back to school in face-to-face classes. During this new school cycle, Delfina Gómez urged students and teachers to keep respecting the measures against COVID-19.

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