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How to Do PR in a Changing Society

By Jan Hogewoning | Tue, 10/20/2020 - 11:33

Q: How has business communication changed over the past year?

A: Communication has changed due to a political environment of social polarization and an increasingly critical society. We now live in a digital environment, with information more public due to inevitable technological evolution.

We are active in various areas that include corporate affairs, technology, manufacturing, consumption and lifestyle. Our core business is the health and wellness sector. We try to make the best out of our clients’ technology to generate valuable content for their audiences.


Q: What are the most pressing challenges to implement a new branding model for businesses?

A: Nowadays, with the saturation of information generated every minute, brands have a more diffused presence in the mind of the consumer. We need to take a practical approach to this by generating precise content in real time. Also, we have to help not to foster what is called ‘fake news’, which can cause reputational damage to companies in different sectors and industries. All generated content needs to be backed up by scientific evidence provided by experts in different health specializations and disciplines.


Q: What are the most important variables to consider when defining an adequate communication strategy for businesses?

A: Every case is unique and the approach needs to be personalized. The most important element is clarity in the expectations, the objective and the audience, which includes habits and other relevant data.


Q: How do communication needs differ depending on the sector?

A: Every industry has its own positioning and a perception of reputation that is positive or negative in the eyes of the consumer. Some are further away from the scrutiny of public opinion and mass consumption. For example, the mining sector is very different to the food and beverage sector. Every industry has its own particular challenges with respect to regulations, consumer confidence and reputation.


Q: How has the current COVID-19 sanitary emergency impacted communication strategies and how did it impact Comunicación+Contenido’s operations?

A: The sanitary contingency has forced a transformation in both internal and external communication, from communicating actions taken to protect employees, a collaborative posture toward authorities and the migration to different digital platforms, to guaranteeing continued business operations taking care of the most important resource: human beings. For us the impact was minor, because we are constantly updating our use of new technologies. Our operations continued and have become more efficient. Measures to protect employees remain our biggest priority.


Q: What is Comunicación+Contenido’s added value in the communication arena?

A: We regularly have sessions to improve and adapt actions. In these, we try to embrace unconventional perspectives, considering different angles and situations. Most of our clients have been with us between five and eight years. We stimulate feedback through different tools, such as satisfaction surveys. It is important to maintain a close relationship with them to have efficient communication channels. Our firm is committed to stimulating responsible innovation, with an adherence to transparency and good quality. I think that makes us an example of good practices in Latin America. We work closely with other agencies, both local and international, providing a richer service to clients.


Q: How does Comunicación+Contenido raise awareness of the importance of having a solid and comprehensive communication strategy?

A: By analyzing the environment, industry trends and the scenarios in which a company will execute its communication plan, we can develop tailormade strategies. We can start by using our intelligence tools to generate a personalized and clear picture of what to expect. However, even more important is to demonstrate the support that a robust communication campaign can provide, which is demonstrated by the impact on business afterward. Ultimately, our current clients are the biggest ambassadors of our work.


Q: What are the agency’s priorities for the remaining of 2020?

A: We need to remain alert of the changes that COVID-19 is bringing to the economy and distinct sectors so that we can provide relevant services in a new panorama.



Comunicación+Contenido, also known as Co+Co, is PR agency that aims to share captivating stories about companies and their services to gain audiences. The company is primarily active in the health sector and wellness sector

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