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Providing Superior Cleaning with Ozone

By Jan Hogewoning | Fri, 10/16/2020 - 12:38

Q: What differentiates OZONOCLEAN from other professional cleaning services?

A: Unlike our competitors, we use ozone in each of our processes. Ozone is among the most effective disinfectants and is 100 percent natural. We base our services on educating our clients because although many are enthusiastic and want to use our services to be more environmentally friendly, many are unaware of the benefits of cleaning with ozone, which can be used on many different surfaces and textiles. 

This method of cleaning and disinfection has been used in the food industry for many years but, because of its price, it was difficult to access. We acquired the necessary equipment and made the service accessible to all companies. This method is very useful for disinfecting carpets, curtains, seats and any textile without leaving residue or generating chemical contamination, offering an attractive cost-benefit ratio. Our service includes equipment that we install in corporate offices where ozone is generated on demand. We produce ozone through a water pipe that we connect to our equipment, which generates this substance through an electric arc. The ozone is diluted in water, creating stabilized aqueous ozone.

One of the main users of stabilized aqueous ozone is the International Olympic Committee (IOC)​. Since 1968, it has been using it to sanitize all facilities where games are held, such as swimming pools. Likewise, in the food industry, 99 percent of drinking water bottlers use ozone. In the hotel industry, ozone is used in its gaseous form to clean rooms after a guest leaves.

In Mexico, we have equipment installed at fish markets and restaurants that deal with meat, like Fisher’s and La Mansión, as well as in different medical facilities. Clients have conducted tests to prove the effectiveness of ozone and found that it is more effective than chlorine. All of our equipment is validated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well by the COFEPRIS.


Q: How has demand for ozone cleaning products changed over the years?

A: Gradually, companies and even academic institutions have been migrating to ozone. However, one of the problems in adopting this process is that the mindset of the cleaning staff has not changed. We provide support to supervise that the equipment is being used properly and to reinforce the skills of operators, which is reflected in both economic and sanitation benefits. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for ozone has increased and we have a 2-week backlog for equipment delivery (reached 10-week in June). As for disinfection and sanitation services, since June we have seen an increase in demand of up to 100 percent.


Q: How are you increasing awareness among potential clients of the importance of hygiene measures, especially during the pandemic?

A: At OZONOCLEAN, our B2B sales for corporate offices carpet cleaning services have increased in preparation for return to activities. On the B2C side, we found new niches and partnered with allergists in the country. They recommend that clients do a deep cleaning of the place where they will be living, from their pillow to their bed, rugs and carpets. We offer an end-to-end package at a very affordable price. So far it has been very well-received.



OZONOCLEAN is a professional cleaning company that provides customized cleaning solutions for textiles, furniture, carpets and valuable rugs.

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Jan Hogewoning Jan Hogewoning Journalist and Industry Analyst