Sergio Porragas
Expert Contributor
Sergio Porragas
OCC Mundial
The COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on Mexico’s aviation industry and its employees. The latest data suggest a jobs rebound is underway.
Image by Viarami from Pixabay
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A recent OAG report forecasts that the industry will not recover until 2024, adding another major challenge for airlines across the globe.
Image by Tobias Rebhein from Pixabay
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Mexican airlines have reported a steep increase in passenger traffic, recovering up to nearly 70 percent when compared to 2019.
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AFAC has established that unused airport slots in airfields that are in saturated conditions must be returned.
Raymond Zeitouni
Startup Contributor
Raymond Zeitouni Saba
The ‘new normal’ is likely here to stay. With restrictions already in place, what is next for the travel industry?
Weekly Roundups
The aerospace industry invests in education to prepare for a post-pandemic future. This and more in your weekly aerospace roundup!
Weekly Roundups
Domestic air traffic was brought back to life with an increase in operations for some airlines as the economic recovery starts to be felt.
Business Travel
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Companies focused on business travel are adapting to the new normality and offering customers technology solutions based on real-time information.
Stock market
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Aeroméxico dismisses rumors that it is seeking bankruptcy protection and claims to be looking for alternative financing.
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