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“Viaja Seguro” aims to reactivate Mexico´s travel industry.
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Construction company GAMI will oversee two overpasses that will connect automobile traffic on the Tonanitla highway with the AIFA.
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The new airport, which seeks to promote economic development in the south, has been incorporated to the SHCP's portfolio of investment projects.
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Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) surpasses AICM in both the domestic and international segments.
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The Santa Lucia airport has made great progress and more transportation infrastructure is about to be developed.
Ricardo Dueñas, CEO of OMA
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Ricardo Dueñas
Boosting tourism requires a joint participation between the private and public sector. Airports play a key role generating the transport infrastucture
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Travel flows have halted due to widespread precautions and travel bans. How will it impact the capacity for travel in the long run?
MAAF 2017
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Mexico Aerospace Forum 2017: Airport and Heliport Ecosystem Development panel highlights
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67 of 137 in quality of air according to WEF's Global Competitivness report
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