AICM facilities
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Major developers like ICA submitted proposals for the construction of the platform.
AICM at the afternoon
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Contrary to what López Obrador suggested, Terminal 2 needs revamping to operate in the short term.
Control Tower
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AICM reported the closure of one runway due to a pothole.
Airpot facilities
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According to anonymous sources, the Counter Admiral served as Chief at the naval airbase of Campeche.
Weekly Roundups
The UK Embassy and Chihuahua's government informed the public about the importance of resilient infrastructure in Mexico and how to achieve it.
Yucatan Airport
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Over US$30 billion for South-East Mexico Infrastructure Projects
Airplane in Mexico City's Airport
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The plan aims to reduce operations by 30 percent, but experts argue that it could be problematic.
Airplane in airport
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AICM is one of the top priorities of the federal government, representing a quarter of the country’s priority projects.
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The Head of the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, defends the big infrastructure projects during his appearance at the Legislative Palace.
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