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Tech companies are leading the net-zero charge. What does this mean in the Mexican context?
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Both companies have taken further steps in Mexico. IKEA is opening its first store and Amazon a new shipping center
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Both companies have become clear examples of how the growth in e-commerce has impacted different business sectors.
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The e-commerce and retail giant announced the opening of a new logistics distribution center as part of its expansion strategy in Mexico.
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Amazon recently announced that Jeff Bezos is stepping down as CEO to be replaced by Andy Jassy.
Pedro Azcue
View from the Top
Pedro Azcué
Mexico CEO & Latin America Chairman
"It has been a complicated year; most segments in the real estate market have been negatively impacted. Not a lot of subsectors have survived…
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Adding COVID-19 to the usual logistical challenges of Chinese New Year celebrations spells trouble for Mexico. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s approach to technology will focus on decreasing the immunity online platforms receive from content posted by users
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