Ricardo Arriaga
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Ricardo Arriaga
Innovation Director
Companies that do not transform in time may disappear as the transformations disrupt markets and people's habits.
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Subscriptions have become a strong business model as they ensure more stable income in the long term.
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The need to find skilled talent has become even more important in COVID-19 times. Bots can be a great support, explains Emilabs.
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In a webinar hosted by Mexico Health Review, participants agreed on the importance of emerging technology in tackling big health issues.
logistics, ecommerce, packaging
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The logistics chain is a challenge for companies that have accelerated their e-commerce strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic
bernardo cardona deloitte
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Bernardo Cardona
Oil & Gas Industry Lead Partner
Deloitte Consulting Mexico
"We identify six general areas of differentiation. Each area plays a different role in our new normality as defined by COVID-19."
Bitcoin Mexico
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Discover the reasons that have led Mexico to becoming the sixth largest cryptocurrency-adopting country in the world
Mexican Exports
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According to AMVO, 54 percent of the country’s SMEs are looking to sell their products abroad through e-commerce platforms.
Wall Street
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Along with Apple and Microsoft, Amazon belongs to the club of companies valued at more than US$1 trillion.
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