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The digitalization of last-mile services remains a key logistic issue as e-commerce grows exponentially.
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AMVO forecasts that eight out of every 10 digital shoppers will want to purchase an item during Hot Sale 2021
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Mail Boxes Etc. and Pikkop have seen great results over the course of 2020. What are their plans for 2021?
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The digital economy has become a priority worldwide and in Mexico there are big opportunities to develop it successfully.
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The Mexican Association of Online Sales released recommendations to improve Mexican logistics in the e-commerce industry.
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E-commerce grew significantly during El Buen Fin 2020, highlighting how companies need to improve their digital footprint.
Eduardo Medeiros
Expert Contributor
Eduardo Medeiros
Chief Digital Officer - LATAM
Office Depot
During the lockdown traditional retailers had to innovate quickly, some at a technological level and others with optimization of their human resources
Retail store shown from the outside
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This holiday season brings new challenges to Mexican retailers, not only because of sanitary reasons but also due to timing and logistics.
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Online sales and skincare products will help the beauty industry to counter negative results
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