Alicia Zazueta
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Alicia Zazueta
Director General
Equipos y Servicios Industriales Generales SA de CV (E Services)
Zazueta’s work in downstream regulatory compliance reveals the difficulties that companies face to fulfill the sector’s potential.
Bijan Latifzadeh
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Bijan Latifzadeh
Director Global Strategic Sourcing of the Mexico Regional Office
at Raytheon Technologies, Collins Aerospace
Bijan Latifzadeh discusses the importance of Mexico in Collins Aerospace’s operations and in the sector’s recovery.
Photovoltaic Panel
News Article
AMLO announces the construction of a CFE-State solar energy plant in Sonora, set to be completed by December 2023.
A look into Baja California's plans for the aerospace sector, the strategies and differentiators that have led the state to where it is today.
Roberto Corral
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Roberto Corral
Roberto Corral, President of Innocentro, explains how the game has changed for the aerospace industry.
News Article
Governmental entities have developed a plan to combat droughts in Sinaloa, Sonora and Chihuahua.
News Article
The companies are developing an initial 100MW BESS system in Mexicali which will deliver energy to the US side of Baja California.
Weekly Roundups
The collapse of a carbon mine in Múzquiz, Coahuila has unleashed a war of words. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Marie Pierre
Expert Contributor
Marie-Pierre Mercier
Country Director
Beyond time-related benefits, BIM helps improve the collaboration between different disciplines, promoting transparency, agility and information flow.
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