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The latest economic forecast for 3Q2021 predicts progress, but experts remain dubious of the impact of COVID-19.
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Remittances to Mexico rose 31 percent annually in May and reached their highest point since 1995
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Midterm elections and new appointments are unlikely to affect the country's macroeconomy, as MORENA maintained a simple majority in the lower…
Trends and Transformation in the Payment Technologies Market
Online payment methods are safer that cash, but they still face fraud challenges and they need to gain their users’ trust to thrive.
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Banxico signals that the inflation rate could increase for the rest of 2021.
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Highlights: INE has ordered the withdrawal of three morning conferences for political reasons. Mexico's economic growth forecast for…
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What will it take for Mexico to accelerate its economic recovery? Monetary policy and fiscal stimulus will play a key role
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Fintonic, a fintech startup offers financial solutions to users due to a decrease in credit-grant offers to companies and individuals.
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