Weekly Roundups
BMV announced plans that would allow Mexicans to invest in non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, Banxico seeks to eliminate LIBORs.
Stock Market
Take a closer look at the few automotive companies publicly listed in the Mexican stock Exchange.
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Based on the interest and demand that exists for cryptocurrency while searching for the best opportunities and benefits for the Mexican market.
Amazon Stock Falls for the 6th Week
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The e-commerce giant’s stock slides back for the sixth consecutive week.
Image by Ahmar Ardity from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s economic recovery to slow down in 3Q21. Unemployment withdrawals increased and Evergrande’s downfall impacted the Stock Exchange.
Image by Zhuwei from Pixabay
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A recent announcement from Evergrande made it the most heavily indebted company in the world and affected the Mexican Stock Exchange.
BMV: Airplane Companies make Gains
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Renewed international traffic from the US and Canada has boosted international traffic, benefiting Mexican airport groups.
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E-commerce giant Wish began trading on the BMV through SIC yesterday, bringing more opportunities to local investors.
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Miniso, which arrived in Mexico in 2016 and now has 181 stores in the country, announced its entrance to the Mexican stock market.
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