Weekly Roundups
CFE’s new investments, dependency on US gas and Amazon’s net-zero ambitions are among this week’s top stories.
Pablo Ricaud Arriola
Startup Contributor
Pablo Ricaud Arriola
President and Co-Founder
Rising Farms
Mexico is one of the world's most strategic locations for agriculture development. What will it take for the agro giant to wake up?
View from the Top
Soffia Alarcón
Director Mexico
Carbon Trust
Carbon Trust is an independent partner of leading global organizations, helping them contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future...
Jorge Suárez
View from the Top
Jorge Suárez
Commercial Manager of Electromobility and Urban Transportation
Volvo Group México
There are over 2,000 Volvo hybrid buses operating globally, 400 of which are located in London and another 500 in Bogota.
Luis Aguirre-Torres, CEO of Greenmomentum Inc
Luis Aguirre-Torres
“Why do we have to wait for other countries to act when Mexico is very capable of making its own contributions?”
Rosalío Rodríguez, Director of Operations of Grupo Bimbo
Rosalío Rodríguez
Director of Operations
Grupo Bimbo
Few companies in Mexico have the visibility and fame of Grupo Bimbo.
Alfonso Lanseros Valdés, CEO of CO2-Solutions
Alfonso Lanseros Valdés
In 1999, Alfonso Lanseros Valdés travelled to Denmark to investigate why a decision was made to shut down a coal power plant.
Mario Hernández
View from the Top
Mario Hernández
Director General
One of our most important projects with PEMEX in 2013 was a CO2 separation and elimination plant in the Tres Hermanos field in Poza Rica.
According to international experts such as the EIA, the country has among the world’s largest shale gas reserves but Mexico is lagging years behind…
“Environmental laws are actually enforced more than people would believe and fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government.”
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