AICM facilities
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Major developers like ICA submitted proposals for the construction of the platform.
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The agreement includes an additional investment for complementary works in affected communities.
CFE meeting with Manuel Bartlett
Weekly Roundups
CFE multimillion dollar loss during 2022 and upcoming Mexico Energy Forum 2022 ECHO are among this week’s top stories!
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After publishing the Energy Transition Diagnosis, Mexico City’s government bets on solar power to address its high level of energy poverty.
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The government of Mexico City announced the renewed version of ECOBICI, with new facilities, bicycles and a renewed operation system.
Airport's runway
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According to authorities, the closures were prearranged to not significantly affect airline operations.
Control Tower
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AICM reported the closure of one runway due to a pothole.
Cablebus cabin
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The project will have connections with other transportation projects like the Interurban Train Mexico-Toluca.
Mexico City Metro
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The officials involved will be charged with manslaughter, injuries and damage to property.
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