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Adverse environmental conditions are forcing Mexico City water officials to make tough choices.
Mental Health: Priority for Future Policies
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The Congress approved a reform to prioritize mental health and addictions in health programs.
Weekly Roundups
The president has criticized the corrupt associations of a company participating in Mayan Train bids. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Mexico Calls Out Vaccine Monopoly
Weekly Roundups
Fair distribution and cooperation are essential to get over crisis. Are all countries contributing to the same cause?
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The Felipe Ángeles Airport reached its latest milestone in its construction process. Nevertheless, the media is not so enthusiastic.
Diego Guarin Regional Market Access Lead for Latin America at Merck MSD
View from the Top
Diego Guarin
Regional Market Access Lead for Latin America
Merck MSD
Systems like the value-based model propose a change in how things are done in the sector to guarantee better healthcare for the entire population.
Oil Prices Reach Pre-Pandemic Figures
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Price hurdles brought by COVID-19 seem to be winding down. As vaccination programs advance, global prices bounce back.
Confidence in Vaccines Essential to Move Past Crisis
Weekly Roundups
This week, COVID-19 variants challenge vaccination campaigns globally. How is Mexico confronting this scenario?
Value-Based Healthcare: Industry Endgame
Moving the focus of healthcare from sickness treatment to sustained health demands disruption and structural change.
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