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Organizations are prioritizing the individuals for them to add value to the collective.
Salvador Ortega, LATAM HR Regional Director, Newell Brands
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Salvador Ortega
LATAM HR Regional Director
Newell Brands
The accelerated growth of e-commerce requires unique talent development mechanisms, says Salvador Ortega, HR Regional Director, Newell Brands.
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Mexico continues to register an upward trend regarding tourism and air traffic. However, inflation continues to shock the country.
Ricardo Combariza, People and Organization Head, Covalto
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Ricardo Combariza
People and Organization Head
Covalto brings together the best of its parent companies to form a new, unified identity, says People and Organization Head Ricardo Combariza.
Juan Domínguez, Chief People Officer, Clara
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Juan Domínguez
Chief People Officer
A healthy work environment, diversity, inclusion and flexibility are non-negotiable for today’s businesses, says Clara’s Juan Domínguez.
Lucas Melman, Country Manager, Betterfly Mexico
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Lucas Melman
Country Manager
Betterfly Mexico
It is possible to generate social good and profitability simultaneously, says Lucas Melman, Country Manager of Betterfly Mexico.
Camila Bonilla, Country Manager, IDEMAX Mexico
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Camila Bonilla
Country Manager
While many companies understand that they need to adapt to market forces, they lack the know-how to do so, says IDEMAX’s Camila Bonilla.
Talent and Education Challenges Drive Institutional Change
Weekly Roundups
Talent scarcity and educational issues are driving companies to make institutional changes.
Updated Recruitment, Work Models for the Digital Economy
Weekly Roundups
Traditional recruitment and work models have become outdated; industry leaders reflect on the challenges caused by the shift.
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