President López Obrador remembered writer Carlos Monsiváis in the 10th anniversary of his death.
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Highlights: AMLO will only work with people who are committed to the country’s transformation. He spoke with President Trump about release…
President López Obrador during his morning briefing in Hidalgo, another stop in his week-long road tour.
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Highlights: Ebrard says it’s an honor for Mexico to be elected to the UN Security Council. Autonomous offices never did anything for the people…
Puebla Gov. Miguel Barbosa during today's briefing in Puebla.
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Highlights: AMLO says Spanish company has a monopoly on selling energy to CFE. Discussed Canadian mining companies’ taxes with Justin Trudeau…
Sanitary Emergency
Weekly Roundups
The healthcare crisis that haunts the whole world is keeping us all apart. Now is the time to show everyone’s human side
IMSS' Health Professionals
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Several complaints have been lodged by health workers who have been victims of stigmatization and discrimination. Why are they being discriminated?
Medical Staff
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Healthcare workers have it the hardest, no doubt. While there is much to be done, recognizing their importance is key during this crisis
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