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MercadoLibre reported net profits during 3Q20 of US$1.1 billion, representing growth of 148 percent year-on-year
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Mexico’s strategic geographical position and labor force have made it the number one destination for startups in Latin America
This is the story of how a spare part seller managed to have 85 percent of its sales coming from digital channels even before the pandemic started.
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The logistics chain is a challenge for companies that have accelerated their e-commerce strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic
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COVID-19 forced people to change their habits. As a result, companies are accelerating their e-commerce strategies trying to get a piece of the cake
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David Geisen
Country Manager
Mercado Libre
Mercado Libre is confident that this year it will reach even higher growth.
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The Argentine e-commerce company becomes a beacon of the paradigm shift caused by COVID-19.
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While Mexico is preparing to de-escalate, countries like the Netherlands are taking measures to guarantee a prosperous future post-COVID-19.
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Mexico is the third most important market for the Argentinean company, which increased its sales by 37.6 percent in 1Q20.
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