Solar Panel
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Generac addressed the short and long-term benefits of its Distributed Generation solutions in its webinar.
Ricardo Zuñiga, Capwatt
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Ricardo Zúñiga
Country Manager
Capwatt Mexico
Capwatt’s Ricardo Zúñiga explains how the company helps clients to produce energy on site to yield them a competitive advantage.
Solar Rooftop
DG solutions for the C&I sector have become increasingly attractive over the years and appear to be ready for large-scale growth in Mexico.
Hector Olea, Gauss Energia
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Hector Olea
President and CEO
Gauss Energía
Gauss Energía’s Hector Olea explains the company’s venture into the DG-based C&I solar segment.
Solar Panels
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Even though solar costs continue their historical race to the bottom, prices could be improved even further.
Ricardo Cardiel, Latin American Rainmakers
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Ricardo Cardiel
CEO and General Manager
Latin American Rainmakers
Ricardo Cardiel explains how the company uses its broad experience to help clientsbenefit from the growth in distributed solar.
MER 2021
Private solar players have had to adapt to a double hit: the pandemic and the government’s measures to benefit CFE. Yet, opportunity knocks.
Jaime Pérez de Laborda, ASOLMEX
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Jaime Pérez de Laborda
Jaime Pérez de Laborda explains his main focuses as the new ASOLMEX president.
Iván Reyes, LONGI Solar
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Iván Reyes
Latam Utility Director
LONGi Green Energy Technology
Ivan Reyes explains how the leading solar wafer and module manufacturer plans to make good use of opportunities in Mexico’s DG segment.
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