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The company’s promising assay results at its Silver City project in Saxony are in line with its strong exploration track record in Mexico.
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Metates, Camino Rojo, Orisyvo, Media Luna, Cerro del Gallo and Ixtaca are the main undeveloped gold deposits in the country.
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Golden Minerals is on track to begin gold production, transitioning to gold producer from precious metals exploration company.
Civil Protection head Laura Velázquez reported on heavy rains in Tabasco during today's briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO says Mexico’s stability is secure regardless of who wins election. Former Minister of Finance accused of bribery, treason…
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Mexican company Caxxor Group is planning a transcontinental rail corridor that will connect a terminal in Winnipeg with a shipyard at Mazatlan.
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Good faith negotiations with the Mexican Mining Union were key for ending a strike at the company’s mine in Durango.
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Ingrid Putkonen PhD
Managing Director
Mining is often seen as part of the world’s problems. Actually, the industry can and must be part of the solution.
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Dig into the week’s most important mining news, including the fall of exploration investment in Mexico.
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Alberto Orozco
Capitan Mining
There is a need in Mexico for quality, mature projects that can be viably developed into a mine. The Peñoles project fits the description.
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