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The ratings firm warned of what could happen to Mexico and the CFE if this reform is approved.
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Through infrastructure investments, Banobras Institutional Program seeks to reduce national inequalities and to boost economic growth.
Hands of a child and an adult
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Demographic changes bring challenges to countries that may not only affect their productivity but also quality of life in the long term.
Street Market Mexico
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Sixty-two percent of the Mexican population that found work in June did so in the informal sector, reported INEGI.
Economic Recovery
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Though Arturo Herrera has said that it will only take a few months for the country to gain back what it has lost, experts do not agree.
Economic Growth
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Grupo Banorte’s Gabriel Casillas and Alejandro Padilla say economic growth and macroeconomic stability do not immediately lead to social equality
Arturo Herrera, Minister of SHCP
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Arturo Herrera, believes the country is bound to experience a V-shaped recovery, experts do not agree.
Juan Alberto Porras, Treasurer of CONCAMIN
View from the Top
Juan Alberto Porras
For CONCAMIN, for the Mexican economy to pick up, an industrial development policy that favors SMEs is needed.
COVID-19 economic crisis
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According to IMEF and INEGI, business confidence and economic performance are experiencing new historic minimums.
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