Wind Turbines
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Despite not anticipating renewable energy projects until 2027, CFE does a 180 for the better.
Photovoltaic Panel
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AMLO announces the construction of a CFE-State solar energy plant in Sonora, set to be completed by December 2023.
Mexican President AMLO
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President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the creation of a new state-owned enterprise, “Gas Bienestar”
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President López Obrador said that he wants to investigate why companies pay less for electricity than private citizens to open a dialogue.
solar panel
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According to FONATUR, the project will receive financing through CFE and its subsidiaries.
José Jové
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José Jové
Prana Power
The future looks greener and more sustainable despite today's environmental challenges. The new generations are concerned and making changes.
Wind Farm
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A quick look at the future of energy supply and demand in Mexico
Spotlight - Thinking Differently
Heat is a key energy consumption variable for agro-industrial corporations.
Armando Ibarrarán
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Armando Ibarrarán
Country Business Leader Electronics And Energy Business Group
3M is a US-based multinational corporation that designs and manufactures a variety of technologies.
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