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Three officials from Donald Trump’s administration have sent a letter to their Mexican counterparts, lamenting blocked private energy investments.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
How has the industry changed for the private sector since López Obrador came to power?
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The OGCI excluded PEMEX because the company has not been participating. In addition, Mexico is not complying with international sustainable goals.
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcon
View from the Top
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón
Independent Oil and Gas Analyst and Former Independent Advisory Board Member
"The first question to answer is why does PEMEX want to reach this specific production goal. These production levels may not prove profitable.…
Energy Reform, Constitutional Reform and Industry’s Future
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón believes further changes will be made to the role PEMEX will play within the Mexican economy.
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Rocío Nahle said that PEMEX is open to negotiate farmouts contracts with private companies, especially if there is more commitment and better results
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The Energy Reform has not resolved PEMEX’s health and changes will be made in order to rehabilitate the NOC, said Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón.
US Congress
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Over 40 US lawmakers urged Trump to come to an agreement with López Obrador over Mexico’s energy policy.
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SCJN Indefinitely Suspends new policy that limited private renewable electricity production and prohibited testing of clean energy power plants.
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