Alberto Vazquez, VHG Servicios Legales partner
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Alberto Vazquez
VHG Servicios Legales
Alberto Vazquez says legislation related to indigenous consultations to authorize mining projects is needed for the ‘mother industry’ to go forward.
Climate Crisis Threatens to Displace 17 million in Latin America
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Without concrete climate action, in the worst-case scenario, an estimated 17 million people in Latin America could be displaced, says World Bank.
Fernando Cruz
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Fernando Cruz Galván
Director - Energy Segment
Kannbal Consulting
The path to recovery starts with an analysis of lessons learned, embracing the new reality and borrowing solutions from other business sectors.
David Sánchez
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David Sánchez
Sales Director
Huawei is a Chinese-owned leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider and an emerging player
In general, 2014 was a challenging year for PEMEX, particularly in the areas of refining and petrochemical production
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