Innovation as a Sustainable Economic Pillar
News Article
Investing in health innovation to strengthen the national economy and improve citizens’ quality of life can be a solution for Mexico.
The Effects of Patient Empowerment
News Article
Sustainable heathy outcomes depend on patients’ commitment. How can the industry promote this?
Roberto Aguilera Health Sciences and Wellness Consulting Partner at EY Latam North
View from the Top
Roberto Aguilera
Health Sciences and Wellness Consulting Partner
EY Latam North
Roberto Aguilera, from EY, answers frequently asked questions regarding the digitalization challenges the Mexican healthcare sector faces.
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s most important mining news, including Ganfeng Lithium’s plans to build a battery recycling plant in Sonora.
A Digital Offering for Health Companies
The digital transformation has accelerated. What do healthcare companies look for when joining digitalization?
Shopping Car
News Article
People have changed their consumption habits as a result of confinement and the economic crisis. Some changes will be permanent and others temporary.
Healthcare Technology Transformation Accelerated
The pandemic significantly accelerated the technology adoption process. How will traditional practices and consultations evolve?
News Article
Every crisis can be an opportunity. How can companies use COVID-19 challenges to improve through digital practices?
Sustainable Investment
News Article
Financial indicators are no longer sufficient. New schemes demand a social impact and benefits to the environment.
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