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Outfit 365 is a mobile image consulting app that gives style advice and provides recommendations.
closed down commercial spaces
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Despite COVID-19‘s impact on the retail sector, commercial space development might still be popular.
Nike Air Jordan 1
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Sotheby's and Christie's are auctioning designer bags and sneakers. According to Stockx, the sneaker market will be worth US$95 billion by…
Gucci Collections
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The Italian brand bets on sustainability. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico was the first in the world to present its collections on YouTube.
Yuri Hernández, of Logisfashion
View from the Top
Yuri Hernández
Director Mexico
Logisfashion provides advanced digital platforms to manage inventory transport and storage
empty mall
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The end of March has seen more retail spaces temporarily closing their doors, while new ideas for promotion begin to be tested by the industry.
textile industry
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While the clothing industry’s structure is threatened, its major distribution points are growing.
sandro storefront
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As store closings continue, high fashion brands implement their own custom policies to address the situation.
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