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CFE and the French government have signed a cooperation agreement to improve Mexico’s energy efficiency and to increase its geothermal capacity.
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Karel Fucikovsky
Pharma Director
Pierre Fabre Mexico
Strengthening its focus on oncology, Pierre Fabre is looking to make Mexico a primary destination for its solutions.
Héctor Barillas Director General of bioMérieux
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Héctor Barillas
Director General
bioMérieux is a leader of diagnosis test development, they have used this expertise to develop state-of-the-art COVID-19 with quick, certain results
Beatriz Moncada  Director of Americas at MDoloris Medical Systems
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Beatriz Moncada
Director of Americas
MDoloris Medical Systems
After 27 years of research, MDoloris developed ANI, a non-invasive tool to measure the autonomous nervous system and surgical stress on patients.
Rossy Pérez
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Rossy Pérez
General Manager
Beicip-Franlab México
Beicip-Franlab's Rossy Pérez explains how her company's relationship with PEMEX has expanded as the NOC expands its tech-driven intentions.
World Polio Day: The Importance of Vaccination
“Until we end polio forever, every child is at risk,” said End Polio to encourage vaccination programs to prevent the disease.
The beginning of influenza season creates concerns on individual and market health.
Weekly Roundups
The beginning of influenza season creates concerns on individual and market health.
Could Health Wearables Detect COVID-19?
A lifestyle item that tracks health signs could now be moving forward to offering a complete solution.
Yoann Romano
Expert Contributor
Yoann Romano
Offer and Commercial Leader
Decathlon México
Diversification and observation are the key to innovation in a wide spectrum of needs. Romano explains how Decathlon achieves this.
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