Álvaro Vertiz, COO, BlackRock Mexico
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Álvaro Vertiz
BlackRock Mexico
There is a taboo regarding finance but every day that people are not investing, they are losing money, says Álvaro Vertiz.
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According to BloombergNEF, Mexico ranked 63rd among 107 emerging markets.
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SADER Minister Victor Villalobos pointed out that the agrifood sector has consolidated itself as an engine of the country’s economy.
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The IMF advocated for strong monetary policies from central banks to address the global economic crisis. This and more in the Weekly Roundup.
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A report released by the Ministry of Finance revealed that Mexico is among OECD countries with the lowest energy inflation, at 8.3 percent.
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In its October report, the International Monetary Fund emphasized the role of central banks in facilitating economic growth.
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The IMF informed that the country will not grow by 3 percent at least in the next five years.
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The Annual Spanish Gourmet Food and Wine Exhibition was attended by diverse Spanish producers seeking to enter the Mexican market.
Mining activities
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The Cluster is looking for companies in the state to carry out networking activities and create business opportunities.
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