Corona beer
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Grupo Modelo becomes the first company in Mexico to own a fully electric heavy-duty fleet after purchasing 20 NEVs from BYD.
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Grupo Modelo adjusts to current consumer’s demands by delivering beer and beverages to homes
Soda drinks
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Coca-Cola FEMSA is not going to let the new labeling reform stand without a fight.
Negra Modelo beer
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In Mexico, alcoholic beverages can be sold without a license, if the alcohol percentage falls below 2 percent. A big opportunity for beer companies?
Industries Unite Amid COVID-19
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The whole business sector has responded to the crisis, supporting communities and healthcare staff.
ATCO James-Delano
View from the Top
James Delano
Vice President of Structures and Logistics, Government and Community Relations
ATCO Espaciomovil
James Delano speaks about how ATCO Espaciomovil built a space for Grupo Modelo that was donated to INER as a response to the COVID-19 crisis
A special report on the impact on children was detailed today in the special briefing.
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In the last two days the death toll reached 844 while 5,221 new cases were added. Mexico becomes the tenth country with the most deaths from COVID-19
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The Mexican beer sector is still in lockdown, unlike in other countries where it has been considered an ‘essential’ activity.
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Some worry Mexico’s role in the global beer market will change forever.
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