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Guanajuato is holding a meeting to take advantage of the opportunities in the aerospace sector for the state and the Bajio region.
Cargo Ship
Europe is a large consumer market with an evergrowing appetite for exotic produce. How can Mexican growers capitalize on this opportunity?
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In a new alliance between Kavak and Uber, new benefits rise for both companies and the users of the app.
Passengers in a Flight
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Volaris and Viva Aerobús are fighting to win slots from Aeroméxico and Interjet at AICM.
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The company has released the Mineral Resources estimates for its Guanajuato Mine Complex.
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Guanajuato has been developing its aerospace sector and becoming more attractive for investors, but the pandemic has stalled the process.
presidential visit
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The Mexico City-Toluca Interurban Train is close to completion. However, it is only one of the several train projects in the government’s agenda.
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Due to the rehabilitation of obsolete PEMEX infrastructure, the Mexican government will not spend money on this project.
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Brazil is the latest country allowed to export eggs to Mexico after meeting health and sanitary standards.
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