Sandra Sánchez
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Sandra Sánchez-Oldenhage
Pharmadvice Consulting
The goals of a VBH model are to achieve better care, smarter spending and healthier people, but it requires a change in how healthcare is delivered.
National Doctor’s Day: Mexico in Numbers
News Article
To celebrate Mexico’s National Doctor’s Day, MBN presents an overview of the country’s talent availability in the medical field.
German Tosantos
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Germán Tosantos
Director General
INDRA Healthcare
INDRA is a Spanish company that offers consulting services in infrastructure, defense, energy, telecommunications and financial services.
Individuals are living and an overabundance of high-calorie foods are causing problems.
MHS 2017
News Article
Mexico Health Summit 2017: The Patient Goes First: Using Big Data and Collaboration to Optimize Treatment panel highlights
Promoting a healthy lifestyle is a national priority since Mexico, according to the WHO, ranks first in childhood obesity
Juan Tamayo
“Our goal is to evolve the high-level training of health professionals. We do not just aim for a scientific proposal but also for an impact ...”
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Javier Potes
Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales
Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales is a consortium of hospitals that offer patients insurance coverage, working together to save costs
MHS 2017
News Article
Mexico Health Summit 2017: Understanding the Value of Data in Healthcare presentation highlights
Raúl Kuri
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Raúl Kuri
Director of the Agent Channel
Seguros GNP
Seguros GNP is one of the largest insurance companies in the Mexican market. It has over 115 years of experience in crosssector insurance
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