James Rasteh
Expert Contributor
James Rasteh
Coast Capital Management
Coast Capital believes that gold miners present the most attractive opportunity set for investors, regardless of their investment philosophy
Cost Savings, Health Through Biosimilars
News Article
Biosimilars bring cost savings while delivering excellent quality. Find out the local opportunities in this area.
Diplomacy Can Also Solve A Health Crisis
Weekly Roundups
Unity and collaboration have been banners in the fight against COVID-19, and remain so a year into the pandemic.
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As production levels recover, COVID-19 continues to affect demand at a global scale.
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India’s COVID-19 deaths are growing concerningly fast. Meanwhile, Mexico has not handled the pandemic well, according to the University of California.
News Article
Mexico’s automotive production has decreased due to the pandemic, explains international industry organization.
Weekly Roundups
The US will send COVID-19 vaccines to Mexico and PAHO said the country has registered a stabilization in the number of infections.
MEF 2021 Day 2 1110 Explore the Unexplored
The second day of Mexico Energy Forum 2021 continues with a presentation on the digital platforms that will define the future of construction.
Andrés Cardona
View from the Top
Andrés Cardona
LATAM Manager
Cardona discusses the company’s plans to deliver its top-of-the-line customer services to Latin America and what it offers to mining companies.
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