Industries Unite Amid COVID-19
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The whole business sector has responded to the crisis, supporting communities and healthcare staff.
Disrupted health services during COVID-19
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Interruption of several regular health services comes as a side effect from COVID-19. How is Mexico responding?
ATCO James-Delano
View from the Top
James Delano
Vice President of Structures and Logistics, Government and Community Relations
ATCO Espaciomovil
James Delano speaks about how ATCO Espaciomovil built a space for Grupo Modelo that was donated to INER as a response to the COVID-19 crisis
Health Promotion head Ricardo Cortés reported on the communication strategy.
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Ministry of Health reports 10,057 active infections and 2,409 new confirmed positive cases. López-Gatell warns people not to rush into public spaces
President López Obrador during Labor Day's briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: Hugo López-Gatell details new projections for the COVID-19 pandemic. Some hospitals are close to capacity, but not the entire system…
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With 316 confirmed cases and two deaths, Phase 2 of the COVID-19 contingency is expected to be announced today.
Weekly Roundups
Infection cases keep scaling in Mexico. As the country waits for a clear plan from the government, the private sector is already taking action.
Borja Guinea
Borja Guinea
COO America
Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
FRV will offer its rate from its production site in San Luis Potosi, where the company will begin operations in the near future.
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