Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion
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The social media giant’s stock took a nosedive after back-to-back scandals, including an outage; the company restored functionality after six hours.
Gus Marcos
View from the Top
Gustavo Marcos
Grupo DAGS
Gustavo Marcos discusses his success using social media and how that translates to Grupo DAGS’ success.
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Facebook will invest US$1 billion to attract and engage content creators as it battles with platforms like TikTok and YouTube
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Weekly Roundups
The US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging the social network abused its dominant position to neutralize competition
Instagram, Reels
Weekly Roundups
Snapchat and Instagram want to compete with TikTok. Will they be able to take a piece of the cake from the Chinese giant?
Email use during pandemic
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Email use has increased by 18 percent in Latin America during the pandemic. The use of chatbots and social networks has also increased.
Mexican Exports
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According to AMVO, 54 percent of the country’s SMEs are looking to sell their products abroad through e-commerce platforms.
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The new platform hopes to create solutions for businesses that will connect and grow TikTok´s expressive community.
Gucci Collections
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The Italian brand bets on sustainability. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico was the first in the world to present its collections on YouTube.
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