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A government dependency developed a new app to help farmers in order to provide them with vital information to boost trade in the country.
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Lower prices are the main driver for the 65 percent of online shoppers who buy abroad
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The strong outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 and the government's handling of the pandemic will result in a slow recovery of employment in Mexico
Unequal distribution of resoures
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A recent UNDP report details the changes in social and economic inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Latin America’s aviation industry will be the last to recover, forecasts IFC. How is Mexico doing?
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Recently the company announced a critical round of investments led by SoftBank to strengthen the company's operations.
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Mexico has attracted more foreign fintech companies than any other country in Latin America but it has not received the largest investment.
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Tech companies are fleeing California and Mexico might reap the benefits of these relocations.
Juan Carlos Macías
View from the Top
Juan Carlos Macías
General Manager
Transtecno Group
Macías explains the new alliance between Transtecno and Reggiana, while explaining how its modularity is becoming a game changer in mining.
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