Fernando Thompson
Expert Contributor
Fernando Thompson
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Any company is likely destined to disappear if it does not have a digital presence. TBSEK’s Fernando Thompson provides some tips on how to get there.
Julio Velazquez, Google Cloud
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Julio Velázquez
Managing Director
Google Cloud Mexico
The amount of data that companies generate is increasing, but it is scattered. Google Cloud helps find, analyze and mine it to make better decisions
Store Liverpool
News Article
Retail giant Liverpool announced a multibillion-dollar investment to build Latin America’s largest logistics platform in Mexico.
Liverpool Toluca
News Article
Online sales are still minimal for the Mexican retail giants, but the situation is changing as a result of COVID-19.
ecommerce, retail, online sales
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COVID-19 forced people to change their habits. As a result, companies are accelerating their e-commerce strategies trying to get a piece of the cake
Mexico New Normal Reopening
News Article
C&A, Sears and Liverpool reopened at some malls in Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Colima, Nuevo Leon and Guanajuato, while e-commerce strengthens in…
Jorge Humberto Valdez, Co-Founder of Bolis d Lucy
Jorge Valdés
Bolis d Lucy
“It is a significant challenge moving from an artisanal to a quasi-industrial production,” says Jorge Valdés, Co-founder of Bolis d Lucy.
Eduardo Medeiros, of Office Depot Group
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Eduardo Medeiros
Chief Digital Officer for LATAM and CEAM
Office Depot Group
Office Depot Group is undergoing a digital transformation to bring the store floors together with the digital space.
Consumer habits
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Habits acquired by consumers during confinement may mark a before and after in a sector that had hardly changed in the last century.
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