Weekly Roundups
The Australian giant is considering leaving the oil and gas industry. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Weekly Roundups
CFE’s solar plans, LNG developments and natural gas imports are among this week’s top stories.
LNG Tanker
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NFE’s LNG facility begins operations and can help alleviate a lack of energy supply in Baja California Sur.
Cargo Ship
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Sempra Energy’s subsidiary IEnova in Mexico received its first carbon offset liquified natural gas (LNG) cargo at the Energy Costa Azul facility.
Caio Zapata, Enestas
View from the Top
Caio Zapata
Director General
Caio Zapata explains how the company has identified opportunity in bringing not only LNG but other cryogenic fuels directly to the customer.
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NGVs using CNG or LNG could provide a much better option for Mexico’s road transport other than diesel, experts agree.
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Yucatan’s need for energy and LNG exports are interesting prospects for TC Energy and others in the Mexican Market.
Weekly Roundups
Collaboration agreements, quarterly results and sustainability are among this week’s roundup topics
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Collaboration with the Mexican government, cross-border renewable energy, natural gas expansion and most importantly LNG exports are the main focus.
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