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Americas has developed a plan to restart activities at its mine and it reaffirmed its intentions to work with authorities to resolve the issue.
Weekly Roundups
Tensions between Canadian companies and the Mexican government and First Majestics’ plans, are among this week’s top stories.
César Fernández
View from the Top
César Fernández
CIMA Consultoría Ambiental
Fernandez explains the importance of having an interdisciplinary team that understands both the technical and legal side of environmental studies.
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Mexican authorities are trying to restore electricity service after a cold wave hampered natural gas imports from the US.
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The new airport, which seeks to promote economic development in the south, has been incorporated to the SHCP's portfolio of investment projects.
Corn husk
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GCMA has offered some recommendations on how the government should approach the phasing out of transgenic corn and glyphosate.
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PEMEX position is expected to be downgraded given the negative outlook for Mexico’s sovereign rating and its expectations of increasing its debt.
Agricultural workers
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Influential organizations presented a joint statement against the government’s plan to ban all outsourcing.
Jesús Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Expert Contributor
Jesús Enrique Pablo-Dorantes
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Mexican Academy of Environmental Impact |AMIA
President López Obrador repeated that no more open-pit or open-pit mining concessions would be allowed. What does that mean for the mining sector?
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