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The growing digitalization will open businesses to complex cybersecurity threats that will only be mitigated through innovative security strategies.
Alejandro Marines, GEFCO Mexico
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Alejandro Marines
Director General
GEFCO México
The extensive requirements of the automotive industry have forced logistics companies to comply with JIT, JIS and other highly specialized demands
Alexander Katsouris
Alexander Katsouris
Automotive Logistics Director of Europartners México
Europartners México

Mexico’s geographical position has been a crucial element in the country’s development as an automotive investment destination. However, beyond exports to the US, companies are gradually growing their trade operations with European and Asian countries. Both OEMs and suppliers keep bringing new projects to the country and they still trust in Mexico’s capabilities as a logistics hub. In my opinion, with or without NAFTA, Mexico will maintain its position as a true logistics hub and an automotive powerhouse for years to come. One of the main concerns for both clients and forwarders is security and I think we will continue facing these issues in the foreseeable future. If we focus on areas of opportunity, digitalization could help strengthen national logistics operations. An automated customs service could help operations be much faster and seamless especially addressing inbound issues.

As the third-largest light-vehicle exporter in the world, companies expect Mexico to be the ultimate logistics hub to support current operations
Manuel Díaz
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Manuel Díaz
Managing Director of Seko Logistics
Seko Logistics
Seko Logistics is a US-based logistics provider that entered the Mexican market in 2018 supported by Grupo Ei and the Greenbriar Equity Group. The…
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