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Horacio Garza
Director General
Educational training and quality care make CHRISTUS MUGUERZA one of the most important medical networks in the country.
Technology Boosts Care Provision, Hospital Performance
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Juan Galindo
Chief Medical Officer
Through the active adoption of technology, CHRISTUS MUGUERZA achieves interconnectivity and standardization of care.
Medical Education Must Go On
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How can Mexico best ensure education continuity for medical students requiring practical lessons to develop their professional abilities?
Eduardo García Luna Vice Chancellor Of Health Sciences At Udem
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Eduardo García Luna
Vice Chancellor Of Health Sciences
UDEM’s social focus has facilitated the creation of new educational and professional strategies to face the COVID-19 pandemic.
TecSalud Response Levels to Face COVID-19
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Jorge Valdez
Tecnológico de Monterrey School of Medicine and Health Sciences (TecSalud)
TecSalud’s three response levels exemplify how Mexico could foster better healthcare and talent to boost the country’s capacities.
Jorge Eugenio Valdez Dean of the TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences
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Jorge Eugenio Valdez
Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
An innovative ecosystem for students is the strategy of TecSalud to have qualified and competitive medical professionals in Mexico.
Efrén Ocampo
Efrén Ocampo
Efrén Campo
President and Executive Director
Grupo Neolpharma

Biotechnology and nanotechnology are two lines in which we are interested in stimulating research. The prize (CINVESTAV’s prize for innovation in bionanotechnology) was linked to pharmacology but it is now more open as it has enabled the creation of new materials. The invitation to participate is open to all the institutions and professionals working on those themes and the prize is MX$300,000 (US$16,666). Half of the award is to reward the researcher and the other half is to fund the continuity of the winning project. The purpose of the prize is to create new talent, provide exposure and increase the diffusion of these kinds of scientific proposals. We are approaching 2016’s winning researcher to ask for his help capsulating some drugs we want to deliver to the limbic part of the brain.

MHR asked 7 leaders from companies working in the healthcare sector about their contributions to improving Mexican health talent.
Marlene Llópiz
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Much of medicine’s contract with society is based on the integrity and appropriate use of scientific knowledge and technology.
Jorge Valdez
Jorge Valdez
Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Tecnológico de Monterrey
The schools of medicine in Mexico are at the standardization level and, as an added value
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