Alberto Saracho
Expert Contributor
Alberto Saracho
Latinos are the US’ fastest-growing small-business segment. The problem isn’t progress, it’s that there’s not enough of it, writes Alberto Saracho.
Hannah Töpler, Founder and CEO, INTRARE
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Hannah Töpler
Founder and CEO
Limited information and long waiting periods to obtain essential documents put refugees at risk of exploitation, says INTRARE's Hannah Töpler.
Ricardo Combariza, People and Organization Head, Covalto
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Ricardo Combariza
People and Organization Head
Covalto brings together the best of its parent companies to form a new, unified identity, says People and Organization Head Ricardo Combariza.
Rocío Medina van Nierop, CEO and Co-Founder, Latinas in Tech
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Rocío Medina van Nierop
CEO and Co-Founder
Latinas in Tech
Latinas are well prepared and experienced, yet they lack representation in senior, decision-making roles says Latinas in Tech CEO and Co-Founder.
Jonah Greenberger
Startup Contributor
Jonah Greenberger
Mentorship involving outsourcing insights in a structured way could create a virtuous circle of leaders becoming mentors. Jonah Greenberger explains.
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