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Enrique Rodríguez Aréchiga
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Enrique Rodríguez demonstrates that alternative popular economies mean to make capital a medium that serves society, not the other way around.
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Unlike its cousin tequila, mezcal had orders from abroad fall drastically due to the pandemic.
Beer in a glass
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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and government policy, beer exports have taken a hit.
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On Wednesday, the Ministry of Economy and Profeco announced the suspension of sales of a range of brands of yoghurt and cheese.
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The government of Puebla has stated that there are plans to build a mezcal distillery which would be the biggest in Latin America
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The pandemic has impacted mezcal sales. However, the drink has been on the rise for many years.
Carlo Poletti, Co-Founder & Director General of Grupo Mexcalito
Carlo Poletti
Co-Founder and Director General
Grupo Mexcalito
“Mezcal has transformed in an interesting way. It went from being a traditional drink to becoming an extremely valued Mexican identity product”
Agave Plant
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COVID-19 could cause major disruption in the agricultural supply chain. Today, the first confirmed case was confirmed in Mexico City.
Beer production process
With over 790,000 employees across the country, the food and beverages industry has become an important pillar for the manufacturing sector. Tequila…
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