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One year ago Microsoft announced a five-year US$1.1 billion investment plan in Mexico. What has been the progress to date?
cybercrime, cybersecurity
Weekly Roundups
Microsoft and Tesla are the latest tech giants to be targeted by recent cyberattacks
online risk, pandemic
The internet is becoming a hotspot for crime, an emerging drug marketplace and a suicide detonator with young people as the main target, said the SSC
Enrique Perez
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Enrique Pérez
Director Enterprise Sales Global Accounts
Verizon Business
Verizon Business is bringing localized 5G to enterprises around the world. This is going to change everything.
Health Tech Boosts COVID-19 Protection
Weekly Roundups
This week, technology demonstrates its crucial role during the pandemic with innovative solutions for vaccine tracing.
Nathan Dumlao
Weekly Roundups
Will working from home really be a long-term trend? Inequity, mental health and productivity problems have already put this in doubt
Hectór Cobo
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Héctor Cobo
Vice President
SAS Mexico, Caribbean and Central America
SAS is assisting e-commerce companies in better inventory management, as well as realtime client profiling.
Ricardo Arriaga
Expert Contributor
Ricardo Arriaga
Innovation Director
Companies that do not transform in time may disappear as the transformations disrupt markets and people's habits.
Abelardo Lara
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Abelardo Lara
Country Manager
Veeam Software
As cloud environments become more complex, there is a need for reliable and user-friendly tools to manage and back up information.
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